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The Institute Proclamation 

Photography is an inseparable activity of modern civilization. From social functions through journalism, advertising to scientific research, photography has made a place for itself. It has also been acknowledged as an art form for the self-expression of the Photo Artists. In spite of this high status of Photography today, it is unfortunate that there is no National Institute for Photography. The School of Fototechnik is an attempt to fill the empty space by imparting thorough knowledge of the art and science of photography. 

The School of Fototechnik attempts a reconfiguration of the long-standing traditional approach to teaching/learning where the instructor uses class time to introduce to students new concepts by delivering information in the form of lectures, presentations, and demonstrations. This is what is referred to as a teacher-centered approach. From the perspective of modern students a teacher-centered methodology, lacks the semblance of creativity, collaborative elaboration, engagement or connectedness. Our approach departs from the teacher-centered model in favor of more collaborative, active learner-centered approaches. This model is an innovative approach to teaching with the potential to create active, engaged and learning-centered sessions. The learning-centered approaches benefit student learning and facilitate students’ self-development of higher-order, thinking skills as well as their transferable competencies.

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