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School of Fototechnik Offers Two Levels of Distinction

Associate (ASoF): At this level the applicant’s high technical competence is expected. The applicant’s submission must show his/her creative ability and comprehensive knowledge in the discipline. The set of examples should be consistent with a high standard of presentation. A variety of approach/subject/lighting/shooting techniques preferably should be included at this level  to show the applicant’s competence to handle different situations. However, the set must maintain cohesiveness.


Fellow (FSoF): This being a higher level, the requirements are more stringent. The submission must be of distinguished ability and excellence. The technical quality must be of highest order. Specialization is welcome showing individuality and originality. The Jury will be looking for outstanding work with a strong personal style and a maturity of vision, both in the individual image and the presentation as a whole.    A Fellowship Distinction when awarded, you are bestowed with a recognition that you are a photographer of immense merit and expertise. It is an achievement to be proud of.

Categories available for SoF Distinction Applications:
   Application will have to be made in any one of the following categories:
   Nature and Wildlife
   Scientific (Astronomy, Engineering, Medical and Forensic, Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography)

   Applied (Architecture, Advertising, Fashion, Food, Wedding)

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