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Welcome to the Honours and Distinctions of the School of Fototechnik.

The School of Fototechnik is premier Photography Institutions in the country. The mandate of the School of Fototechnik is to propagate the art and science of photography through teaching, organizing workshops, putting up exhibitions and other activities. The institute takes under its umbrella all the genre of photography and this also applies to its Distinctions.

The institute have celebrated the anniversaries with innovative introductions of New Courses, First Photo Walk in Delhi, Honours and Distinctions, Pictura International Salon, Opening Outreach Centres, Webinars etc. On the completion of 15 years of existence in 2013 the School of Fototechnik introduced the SoF Honours and Distinctions. The acronyms being Hon. FSoF, (Honorary Fellow) as an honour and as Distinctions we have the FSoF (Fellow) and ASoF (Associate). The conferring of the Honorary Fellows is decided on the basis of nominations and proposals from eminent persons of the photographic fraternity. The Distinctions are awarded on the basis of applications from the candidates.

The awarding of Distinctions is an activity to recognize high standards of excellence among both amateur and professional photographers alike. These Distinctions are universally respected by the photographic fraternity. To gain any of these Distinctions a photographer has to submit a portfolio for the approval of a highly qualified panel of jury constituted by the Institute.

One may be a beginner or an experienced photographer, an amateur or a professional, the Institute’s Distinctions gives them a direction to concentrate on their work. It will also push them to work harder and attain high standards. This will finally lead them to achieving the Institute’s recognition.

Since then and till 2022 Fototechnik has conferred 35 Hon. FSoF, Honours and 32 FSoF and 38 ASoF Distinctions.

The Honours and Distinction Committee consists of the following members:

Distinction Chairman

Mr. S. K. Ghatak Choudhury, AISF, Hon.FSoF, Hon.PESGSPC

Distinction Secretary

Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta, FPSA, SPSA, ARPS, EFIAP, FBPS, Hon.FSoF

Honours and Distinction Committee Members

Mr. Parthasarathi Sengupta, Hon.FSoF

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, APSA, ARPS, FSoF, FIIPC, FCAI

Mr. Sourav Chakraborty, SPSA, ARPS, AFIAP, FSoF

To know more about 'How to Apply for SoF Distinctions' refer to the "Distinctions Guidebook"

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