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About The Logo

We used a triangle and a circle in a square, these three forms being the key elements of design ‘The Primary Shapes’. These days, ‘design consciousness is more wide spread. So you don't have to be so literal or obvious.

We adopted a simple, clean or modernistic and minimalist approach to design. The elements of the logo of School of Fototechnik state clearly a meaning.

The TRIANGLE, or apex, was used as a symbol of achieving the best and ways to go about it. It is also a symbol of stability.

CIRCLE, was used as a symbol of dynamism within the precincts of change and continuity. It also is basic to understanding the shape and form of objects.

SQUARE, was used as a symbol of holding together within which the apex and the circle are embedded. Together these three basic shapes account for all composition principles of making a PICTURE and a great photograph! That’s the motto of School of Fototechnik.

Included in these primary shapes are the effect of light and shade, lines and patterns which together adds up to make any image

Logo Colour Sharp 300 horizontal.png
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