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Honorary Fellow

We have celebrated our anniversaries with innovative introductions of new courses, first photo walk in Delhi, introducing distinctions – till 2022 Fototechnik has conferred 35 Hon. FSoF.


Honours and Distinctions. Honoring individuals who have contributed selflessly to the entire Photographic Community is a proud privilege to the institute.

This is the highest Honor bestowed upon individuals by the institute. The conferring of the Honorary Fellows is decided on the basis of nominations and proposals from eminent persons of the photographic fraternity. The evaluation is not based only on photographic proficiency but on the basis of good standing with exemplary leadership, long-term, and impactful services to the cause of photography. Service may be in the form of organizational or administrative work, lecturing and presentations, writings and publication of articles, instruction and judging, among other contributions


The acronym for the Honorary Fellow is Hon. FSoF and those who have been honored can use this acronym after their name.

Random List of Honorary Fellows

Krishna Gopal Maheshwari, HON.FSoF.

Ravinder K Paul, HON.FSoF.

Anil Risal Singh, HON.FSoF.

Parthasarathi Sengupta, HON.FSoF.

Kha Wai Lin, HON.FSoF.

Surendra R Patel, HON.FSoF.

S K Ghatak Choudhury, HON.FSoF

Tirtha Dasgupta, HON.FSoF

Asim Kumar Bhattacharjee, Hon.FSoF

Amitabha SilHON.FSoF.

Andreas L AndreouHON.FSoF.

Roy Killen, HON.FSoF.

Anup Sah, HON.FSoF.

J R  Schnelzer, HON.FSoF.

Lisa Schnelzer, HON.FSoF.

Nan Carder, HON.FSoF.

Agatha Anne Bunanta, HON.FSoF.

Michael Jack, HON.FSoF.

Christine Cope Pence, HON.FSoF.

Andrew S HayesHON.FSoF.

Swadesh  KumarHON.FSoF.

V.G. Mohanan Nair, HON.FSoF.

Cindy MarpleHON.FSoF.

James Sundar MurthyHON.FSoF.

Tony Le Kim ThuanHON.FSoF.

Koh Kok HwaHON.FSoF.

Elena  McTighe, HON.FSoF.

Brian Magor, HON.FSoF.

Guo Jiang Ou, HON.FSoF.

S. Hanumantha JoisHON.FSoF.

QueenRose LeHON.FSoF.

Xin Xin Liang, HON.FSoF

Than Tri CaoHON.FSoF.

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