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In the initial years of Photography, when it was born in 1839, a segment of the society, and several artists in particular did not accept Photography as fine art. The process of image formation and recording in this medium being entirely based on science it was being perceived as a technology and not art by many. Several practitioners, who imbibed this medium, strongly felt that although the process being based on science the final product is art. 

Photography today, is an inseparable activity of modern civilisation. From social functions through journalism, advertising to scientific research, photography has made a place for itself. In spite of this high status of Photography today, it is unfortunate that there is no National Level Government run Institute for Photography in the country. The School of Fototechnik is an attempt to fill-in this void through imparting thorough knowledge of the art and science of photography. The School of Fototechnik, a non-commercial establishment, formed to propagate photography through regular classes, workshops for special interest groups, photographic tours, print & slide shows, Special guest lectures and other programmes of photographic interest. The School of Fototechnik has designed its courses in accordance with modern educational techniques of experiential learning. Theories taught are supported by practical demonstrations. Classes are supplemented with visual aids, to backup any incomplete assimilation of the knowledge imparted in the classes, individual attention is provided to reinforce the deliberations. I quote Mr. R K Paul AIIPC, Hon. FSoF, (the then Region Director Indian Sub-Continent, of the Photographic Society of America) from his message printed in Pictura 2015 catalogue – “The School of Fototechnik whose contribution to photographic studies for the last 17-years was truly outstanding”.

We have celebrated our anniversaries with innovative introductions of new courses, first photo walk in Delhi, introducing distinctions – till 2022 Fototechnik has conferred 35 Hon. FSoF, 32 FSoF and 38 ASoF Honours and Distinctions. 

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the institute the Pictura 2015 International Salon of Photography was introduced.

As a mark to celebrate its 20 years of existence the institute decided to spread its wings beyond the geographical territory of Delhi. The first Out-reach Centre was set-up in Siliguri and a second centre in Imphal.

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