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Fototechnik Calendar 2024

The School of Fototechnik has been publishing its own calendar every year since 2005. Initially it was a vertical format table calendar with pico binding. The images were contributed by the students and were in Black & White. This continued till the year 2013. From the year 2014 Wall Hanging calendar was introduced with full colour printing of images in a horizontal format. The calendars contained brief descriptions of the contributing students. This was done to propagate our students. It was noticed that not many people were using hard copy calendars neither on the table nor on the walls. Although, there were many people asking for the Fototechnik Calendars for the value of the images. Since 2019 the printing of the hard copy calendars have been stopped and PDF e-calendars have been introduced. The PDF e-calendar is circulated through emails and WhatsApp in the beginning of every year. The monthly page is also circulated through WhatsApp in the beginning of every month. If you are interested to have a copy of the PDF e-calendar and/or the Monthly Page every month please contact us with the request.

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